Phnom Penh, 25th March 2017; “Silicon Valley Comes to Cambodia” was a special two-hour workshop opening to all tech entrepreneurs who wanted a deeper insight into the hottest trends across the globe technology scenes. This event was brought to you by Cambodians in Tech and it took place at Emerald HUB Co-working space, 11th floor, PPIU building, St. 169, Phnom Penh.

There were two industry experts giving talks, tech reporter Kathleen Chaykowski from Forbes, and Evie Gillie, engineering manager at Flexport, a U.S. software company that works in the freight industry.

Kathleen shared her points of view as following:

Challenge of Tech Reporting

  • Prioritization
  • Speed
  • Source building
  • Managing outside pressure

The perks of tech reporting

  • Learning constantly
  • Meeting interesting people
  • Front row seat to future

What is the “Newsworthy”?

  • Varies publication by publication
  • Social, political, economic impacts
  • People as a lens

She added the trend of social media globally, regionally and locally. For instance, in South Asia, social media works as an e-commerce hub and Facebook dominates in Cambodia with rapid growth of social media.

As for Evie Gillie, she started with her personal background since she graduated in archaeology major from Stanford University and then she worked as an intern at Google and Facebook. Finally, she jointed a start-up and currently works at Flexport. During the talk, she gave a brief development of Flexport, from 12 to 300 people working in the company, with 8 global offices. Also, she highlighted some key elements to start in Tech:

  • Never too late
  • Side project
  • Build something you want
  • Be humble, Internet is your friend!

In order to find and develop idea, she gave some clues:

  • Define problem
  • Keep focus small
  • Watch someone use it
  • Release early, iterate often.

There were also a panel discussion focusing on the latest tech topics moderated by Malypoeur Plong, co-founder of the Stops Near Mea app, which details all of Phnom Penh’s bus stops.