Eight telecom operators are operating in Cambodia by 2017, six Mobile/WLL operators include Cellcard, Smart, Metfone, qb, SEATEL and Cootel and the two fixed-line operators Telecom Cambodia(TC) and Camintel.

After claiming the title of Cambodia’s Most Reliable Telecom Operator at the recent IDG 4G conference, and Cambodia’s Speedtest Awards Winner for fastest mobile network speeds during Q1-Q2 2017 by Ookla, In OpenSignal’s first report on Cambodia to examine the 3G and 4G services of the country’s three major operators: Cellcard, Metfone and Smart, Cellcard runs away with 4G speed and overall download speeds award.

In other categories the distinction was not so easily awarded: both Cellcard and Metfone tied for best 3G download speeds, while both Cellcard and Smart tied for greatest 4G availability. All three companies had similar levels of 4G and 3G latency, meaning each company experienced similarly small delays in transference of data from networks to individual phones.

Smart, Cellcard lead in 4G reach

Cambodia is still building out its mobile data infrastructure, but it can already claim good 4G availability from two of its operators. OpenSignal users were able to connect to Smart and Cellcard’s LTE networks more than 70% of the time in our test period.

Metfone and Cellcard vie for our 3G speed award

While Cellcard won convincingly in OpenSignal’s 4G speed category, it faced stiffer competition in 3G. Metfone and Cellcard were tied for first place in 3G speed, both delivering download speeds of about 2 Mbps in our test results.

Mobile speeds in Cambodia are still slow

Despite Cellcard’s high LTE speed score, overall 3G and 4G speeds in Cambodia were quite low. The average connection speed across all networks for Cambodian was 5.7 Mbps, which was the among the lowest of 87 countries we examined in a recent global report.

According to OpenSignal’s recent State of LTE report, Cambodia overall has an availability score of 63.3%, putting it on par with fellow Southeast Asian countries Indonesia and Malaysia and well ahead of the Philippines. Neighboring Thailand, however, was the country to beat in the region with an overall 4G availability of 75.9% in that first quarter reporting period.

OpenSignal Methodology

For this particular report, 86,825,154 datapoints were collected from 8,414 users during the period: Apr 1 – Jun 30, 2017.

Source: OpenSignal