South East Asia Telecom Group Pte Ltd (SEATEL Group) was established in 2014 in Singapore as a mobile telecom and ISP investor in ASEAN region. South East Asia Telecom (Cambodia) Co, Ltd (SEATEL Cambodia), founded in 2014, the subsidiary of SEATEL Group in Cambodia, is a comprehensive telecommunication operator whose business includes mobile telecommunication and Internet services.

SEATEL Cambodia has the related operating licenses from the Royal Government of Cambodia, such as licenses of mobile communications (including 4G LTE), ISP, wireless fixed-line, VOIP and others, and this subsidiary has begun its nationwide 4G FDD LTE mobile telecommunication network construction and planned to start the operation in the first half of 2015.

The company implements thoroughly the strategy of the mobile Internet, and devotes itself to mobile voice, data, IP telephony, broadband Internet access, multimedia and other integrated services. SEATEL Group will strive to present to the market the most advanced technologies, the full range of applications and the best-performed networks, as well as to provide with diversified, multi-level, all-round and customized information service to the people of ASEAN region.

 SEATEL’s basic query and services:

Technology: GSM/ 4G FDD LTE

Prefixes: 018 (10 digits, ex: 018 9123456)

Topup own number: [1][*][Voucher Number] send SMS to 1801

Topup to other number: [2][][Voucher Number][][Phone Number] send SMS to 1801

Basic balance Query: Message “101” send to [1800]

Tariff and Usage Query: Message “104” send to [1800]

Check Own Number: SMS 106 send to 1800

Voice rate:within network 5cent /min; across network 7 cent /min.

SMS rate: 2C/ SMS within-network; 5C/ SMS cross-network; 10C/ SMS for International.

Calling VoIP: 175 + country code + phone number, e.g. 175-86-13xxxxxxxx

Internet inquiry: SMS 502 send to 1800

Data Charging Mode: 800MB/$1

Note: Data is required to be purchased if willing to use 4G high speed network.

Purchasing Internet Data: 501*XX send SMS to [1800]

*** (xx refers to the purchasing money amount. for example, 01 stands for $1)


Source: SEATEL