Phnom Penh, Cambodia; on 19 March 2016, MOC workshop series lecture was held in a “town hall” styled forum at ITC (Institute of Technology of Cambodia) honorably attended by the two guest speakers, the Minister of Commerce H.E. Sun Chanthol and the Minister of Education H.E. Hang Chuon Naron.

Both Ministers discussed Cambodian commerce’s and education’s reforms, visions, wishes and challenges with an engaged and active students, government and private sector audience.

This March 19th MOC Workshop is part of an on-going series that focuses on capacity and knowledge building for the students and concerned citizens of Cambodia. The MOC Workshop Series is an initiative of the Ministry of Commerce and is now in its third year, dedicated to bringing global industry leaders to Cambodia.

During this dialogue a moderator would electronically pose questions to both Ministers’ that where submitted from the audience that sent to MOC’s email:

The first session was presented by the Minister of Commerce H.E. Sun Chanthol. He recapped the workshop series that MOC has arranged so far and today it was the 19th MOC Workshop series.

With the new reform of the Ministry of Commerce (MOC), new departments have been established including department of Asia-Pacific, department of Europe Middle-East Asia and Africa, department of America under General Department of International Trade.

The minister also discussed the recruitment process in MOC that welcomes all candidates to apply without any corruption. The short-listed candidates would be finally interviewed and marked by the Minister personally. He also highlighted how to select a good human resource for MOC that “It’s about what you know not who you know”.

MOC has decided to omit Certificate of Origin (C/O) for those countries that do not require integral part of this import documents. The procedures of the application for Certificate of Origin could be done electronically.

Company registration could be done online that just spend around 1h to be completed. It provides the ease for international investment and help to eradicate corruption in the ministry as well as Cambodia.

“Cambodian Jasmine Rice wins the ‘World’s Best Rice’ award at the TRT World Rice Conference 2012, in Bali, Indonesia. At the World Rice Conference 2013, Cambodian Jasmine Rice wins again the ‘World’s Best Rice’ award Cambodian Rice Exporters at the 5th TRT World Rice Conference 2013 in Hong Kong. November 2014: Cambodian Premium Jasmine Rice or Phka Romdoul wins for the third year in a row (!) the ‘World’s Best Rice’ award – at the 6th World Rice Conference 2014, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.” The minister added.

Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Mines and Energy are trying to find a formula to cut down the price of petroleum in order to bolster Cambodian living standard and its economic development.

The second session was presented by the Minister of Education H.E. Hang Chuon Naron. Beginning the speech with history of literature and culture, he discussed the development of mobile technology and energy requirement for the future as climate change is the concern among all nations in the world.

The minster also raised the way of learning in this 21st century. Moreover, he also highlighted the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in newly-reformed education system and economic development in Cambodia.

65% of jobs are unknown yet in the future and we need to have self-development with life-long learning”, he added.

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