Khmer eRadio is a free application that lets you listen to online radios on your iOS and Android devices. It provides more than 50 channels in Khmer both live and podcast radios.

Khmer eRadio is developed by Vithyu Media Co., Ltd and it is an online radio player which streams radios from their broadcast stations. They provide you the convenient way, one-click listening, to listen to your favorite radios without going directly to their websites ( You can download Khmer eRadio for iOS and Android devices as below:

Khmer eRadio for iOS

Khmer eRadio for Android

Vithyu – Online Radio Player for many countries

Below are the Available Radios in Cambodia:

  • Radio Free Asia – Radio France International – Voice of America – Smile FM107 MHz – LDP Voice – LDP Radio – Kapit Mataes Kmang – FM105 MHz – Love FM 97.5MHz – ABC Cambodia – Kamsan FM – Mohanokor FM 93.5 MHz – World Khmer Radio – VOD Hot News – Khmer Post Radio – Reaksmey Hangmeas – Hangmeas FM104.5MHz – Voice of CNRP – Vayo FM – Radio Cool FM – Sky Radio FM107.75 MHz – Sarika Radio FM106.5 PP – Tonle FM 102.5MHz – Radio KhmerMiDi 2 – MYFM Radio – Woman Center FM102MHz – Voice of Jayavarman VII – Radio KhmerMiDi 1 – Voice of Koh Santepheap – Voice of Koh Santepheap (BB) – Radio Samleng Khemara – ABC Australia – Daun Penh eFM – Dombang Kronhoung – CamTV Radio – Our Radio – Sarika Radio FM95.5 SR – Bayon FM – NRG FM 89Mhz – Voice of the Blind Association – Phnom Penh FM 103 MHz – Preah Neareay Radio – Sweet FM 88MHz – Phnom Sampov Radio – Khemara FM91 Battambang.