“Sacrifice is a respectable element of human being. However, it becomes funny when you sacrifice for a worthless person.” —Khem Veasna

“Time never waits for anyone and constantly moves forward. Time can make everything fade away and clean up every trace but cannot erase my past memory.” —Khem Veasna

“Forgiveness is human’s beauty but forgiving a bad person is a stupid act which negatively affects human society including the one who tolerates those bad acts.” —Khem Veasna

“Ignoring country’s affair is better than engaging foolishly. However, pretending to help the nation is even worse than foolish involvement.” —Khem Veasna

“Do not believe me, but remember my word: if our citizens still choose to place our country’s destiny on the hands of any leader, leaving behind the legislative system which ensures citizens’ right and power as the owner, foreign country will take the role in managing our country affairs forever.” —Khem Veasna

“It is definitely complicated, difficult and risky to fight against the strong-built structures of power concentration. However, it is a must-fight battle for us regardless of the way we die. As a person with dignity, we cannot live under the brutality, cruelty and inhumanity of the thief-like people, who are above the law and proudly walk in our own country.” —Khem Veasna

“Life which does not devote for its conscience is considered dead.” —Khem Veasna

“It is impossible that a dishonest man has an honest friend.” —Khem Veasna

“People say that trust not people words, but action. Obviously, word is an action as well.” —Khem Veasna

“In every circumstance, though the nation has liberated already and we have worked for the nation, or we have not, providing the foundation for critical thinking to the people is still important.” —Khem Veasna

“If the value of human was given by others, so there is no valuable person in this world.” —Khem Veasna

“No concord without initiating an argument.” —Khem Veasna

“A good friend is the one who can praise his friend to others and criticize his friend face to face.” —Khem Veasna

“Losing confidence from others is not so significant, but losing confidence from ourselves is so significant, but a confidence never exists without a reasonable critical thinking.” —Khem Veasna

“Cambodian! Don’t we know each other until we die separately?” —Khem Veasna

“Perceiving the problem is significant, nevertheless perceiving the problem and solution are significant and essential.” —Khem Veasna

“Try our best to do the job we have to do properly, and then smile with the results we obtained.” —Khem Veasna

“Besides emotion, in this world there is nothing greater than a heart accept that nothing great in the world.” —Khem Veasna

“No one can say he/she has a successful life while they not yet find out what cause should their life live for?” —Khem Veasna

“I am satisfied with suffering alone without my loved ones, but I would suffer a lot whenever I have happiness without my loved ones.” —Khem Veasna

“There is no place in this world warmer than our native land.” —Khem Veasna

“Some people are so depraved that they are unable to even feel kindness.” —Khem Veasna

“In the name of a race you cannot find any dignity in the contemptibility of your race.” —Khem Veasna

“Every citizen has a part to be responsible for the progression or regression of their race.” —Khem Veasna

People’s selfishness is a large dam to retrain the development process of a country.” —Khem Veasna

“An emotion from birth plus an emotion we have perceived a truth is wider than an emotion pushed by god” —Khem Veasna

“The conscience of human never allows us to be quitted with the injustice.” —Khem Veasna

“If winning an election brings luck to the politicians, then surely it is set up hapless thing to the people” —Khem Veasna

“It is a real tragedy for a nation when three groups of its people, namely politicians, religionists and civil society workers, just pretend to be generous.” —Khem Veasna

It is futile to debate on what is wrong and right with people whose remorse is not their punishment, nor is it reasonable to care about their promise and criticism.” —Khem Veasna

“Personally, I feel that it is the most despicable thing for a politician to seek personal gains from politics.”—Khem Veasna

“I never fear famous politicians, never fear the big parties, I only fear the people do not understand” —Khem Veasna

“These 8 Mechanisms, when we successfully put as law in our country, it launches “A nation in which we live in equity as its owner” ”—Khem Veasna

“Knowing friends, knowing enemies clearly in every revolutionary movement” —Khem Veasna

“Politics is not an issue whether you like or dislike, but every citizen must involve.” —Khem Veasna

“Politics is not about justice, but about solutions.” —Khem Veasna

“We have to walk slowly and carefully because we are in a hurry.” —Khem Veasna

“A strongest man is a loneliest one” —Khem Veasna

“I read the books, get some, listen to others, get little but what I get the most is to sit and think.” —Khem Veasna

“Good people are of five essential qualities: 1st Ability to define good deeds. 2nd Growing good deeds. 3rd Exercising good deeds. 4th Protecting good deeds. 5th  Propagating good deeds” —Khem Veasna

“Unjoining the social solution is a problem, but if joining it with ignorance is another problem.” —Khem Veasna

“Anyone that approves and follows the advice of others without clear understanding, become a fool.” —Khem Veasna

“Besides heart the politicians must be clear how to solve problems in this country.” —Khem Veasna

“Refuse to believe and research is a way to the truth” —Khem Veasna

“Because our people look down on idea, our big territory became small is nothing strange.” —Khem Veasna

“In educating people, theory does not win example.—Khem Veasna

“When talking about the democratic is to talk about the participants, when talking about the participants is to talk about the quality of the participants, when talking about the quality of the participants is to talk about the academic debate pulling and moral. —Khem Veasna

“He who fears less is the least person. —Khem Veasna

“I am a none-religious man because what my brain thinks it’s not reasonable I don’t accept. —Khem Veasna

“I trust you, you have to trust me too I use the word If you trust me I won’t make you cheap If one day you find that I am cheap, then obviously no need to say anything more come over to whisper near my ear that “You are not human” you only no need to say much a man like me. —Khem Veasna

“Anyone who looks down upon the trust of others is the most contemptible person.—Khem Veasna

“A leader is a voluntary servant — and with no owner”—Khem Veasna

“Nowadays, I have two hands, one hugs the victims that I sympathize, another one holds a sword to cut the enemy” —Khem Veasna

“The root of religion is belief, when belief ends religion ends—Buddha’s teaching is not religion and also against religion—the belief means something that has not experience yet.—Khem Veasna

“The first success of life is we find that life should be lived in what first cause.” —Khem Veasna

“To be completely featured as human. First of all, man must live with the truth.” —Khem Veasna

“Repentance is the biggest punishment of ideal man.” —Khem Veasna

“Better to be ordinary people in a superior country than to be president in a disreputable country.” —Khem Veasna

“I don’t lead you and you must not lead me too, but we help each other, go forward together as brother and sister.” —Khem Veasna

“The problem that is to be solved urgently is the ignorance of the people.” —Khem Veasna

“This country will not be a peaceful place for us to live if we do not make it to be a peaceful place with our fists.” —Khem Veasna

“If you read the book then you have no conclusion you do not dare to kick out this idea or theory “wrong”, this idea or theory “right”, if you have no conclusion from what you read, your reading is not useful.” —Khem Veasna

“A man who excels in creating new things is the one who is good at dreaming when he is not sleeping.” —Khem Veasna

“A true brave man is the one who dares to work against personal-interest.” —Khem Veasna

“No man is poorer than he who accepted that he’s poor to continue his poor action.” —Khem Veasna

“Today you may not understand me and tomorrow you all think as you thought as yesterday; but I believe in my mind that one day you all will understand me; though there is no my presence.” —Khem Veasna

“DEMOCRACY is a form of leading state in which the right and power” must be in the hands of the people and absolutely must have a system to ensure the right and power” of the people permanently.” —Khem Veasna

“Democracy is a form of leading state in which the right and power in the hands of the people as a permanent. To ensure that the right and power is in the hands of people permanently, it must have a system to ensure the balance of power between citizens with its representatives.” — Khem Veasna

Citizens live in a society filled with content least foe composed of 3 elements

  1. Be a citizen who has a technical expert can challenge the world.
  2. Be a citizen who is filled with the ability to sort out between cause and effect as such knowledge philosophy.
  3. Be a citizen who is filled with virtue that is sharing.

“Political job is not a business but it is a job of the people who have generous heart who want to help others with their vision.” — Khem Veasna

“Politics is the art of reaching a goal that benefits all citizens of a nation.” —Khem Veasna

“Political campaign must not be aimed at collecting ballots; instead, it’s honestly aim at seeking support for an ideology.” —Khem Veasna

“Can we allow our hearts to treat our people as members of your great family” —Khem Veasna

“Truly asking for forgiveness is to eliminate the wounds on the mind of the victim. The main meaning of this concept is that you must demonstrate that you receive no less pain than the victim and that you intend not to make the same mistake again. You must understand that the word forgiveness alone cannot compare to the value of showing the victim that you feel no less than them.” —Khem Veasna

“Being sad is my happiness” —Khem Veasna

“Each of our personal interests may not be the national interest but the national interest is clearly each of our benefit —Khem Veasna

“If I were your descendant, the primary question I want to ask you, what was your busiest work in your life?” —Khem Veasna

“If you do not clean up your society now, therefore the legacy you would leave for your children is nothing other than an unjust society” —Khem Veasna

To choose a life partner should be only three conditions, 1st you must be the one I love, 2nd you must be the one who love me, 3rd you must be the one who is worthy deserves love.

In life, people should live in two restrictions and one forgiveness, be hard on yourself, be hard on bad deeds, forgive the good man’s mistake or the one who deserves forgiveness.

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