The documentary I AM CHUT WUTTY emerged from three years of research on forestry in Cambodia.  Filmmakers Fran Lambrick and Vanessa de Smet followed prominent activist, Chut Wutty, documenting his campaigns with the Prey Lang Network in 2011.

I AM CHUT WUTTY began as a film exposing dispossession and deforestation in Prey Lang forest, Cambodia.  Communities depend on the forest, collecting natural resins from trees that are now targeted by loggers.

In one of the last remaining wildernesses in South East Asia, Cambodian communities struggle to defend their forests. Rubber companies illegally cut down resin trees that the local population depends on, arguing the rubber industry is good for the area, providing jobs and development.

In April 2012, Chut Wutty was shot and killed at a logging site in the Cardamom Mountains, Cambodia, where he was investigating illegal activities with two journalists.

his film aims to inform international audiences, showing state violence against unarmed forest defenders.  And it aims to connect audiences in rural Cambodia, who often have little or no access to free media, so that the story of the Prey Lang Network’s struggle for their forest resources can be shared.

The filmmakers of “I Am Chut Wutty” agreed to allow RFA to post the Cambodian language film on its RFA Khmer website in perpetuity starting Tuesday, April 26.