Smart Axiata and Facebook brought Facebook’s Free Basics to Cambodia. Smart’s partnership with Facebook aims to connect the next 1 million Cambodians to the Internet, to make the Internet more accessible for Cambodians through a set of free basic services.

Smart and Facebook have partnered to bring the benefits of internet connectivity, such as information and the latest news, and access to health care information, education resources, employment and business opportunities to Cambodians.

Available on the Smart network in Cambodia, Free Basics by Facebook, sponsored by Smart offers Cambodians access to a number of useful services in both Khmer and English, including Facebook as such,, Wikipedia, Ask, Bing, Messenger, Khmerload and more.

Free Basics is an open platform. Anyone can add their website to the Free Basics Platform so long as they abide by our participation guidelines, which exist to optimize for performance on older phones and slower network connections.

Free Basics is available in 61 countries and municipalities with mobile operators including Cambodia (Smart Axiata) in Asia Pacific.

Download Free Basics Android or visit on your mobile phone using SIM Smart Axiata.

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