The 3rd Cambodia 4G LTE International Conference 2017 was co-organized by Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Cambodia and International Data Group (IDG ASEAN) would be held on June 30th 2017 at Sokha Phnom Penh Hotel, Cambodia.

Cambodia 4G LTE International Conference 2017 was an annual precious and valuable ICT event in the 4G services which is co-organized by Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Cambodia and International Data Group (IDG ASEAN). The conference would bring the newest views on the growth of 4G LTE technology in Cambodia and on the world, as well as updating the latest trend and the development strategy of 4G LTE network in the future.

The targets of these Awards are mobile operators and internet service providers in Cambodia.

CamGSM (Cellcard) is “The Cambodia most reliability telecom operator 2017” 

According to the research, there are more than 42 percent of consumer evaluating Cellcard which has more high reliability, including: high quality of reception, quality of voices and good customer services and etc. Moreover, Cellcard has constantly invested in developing new ways to support and enhance the way its customers communicate through regular network upgrades, development of innovative plans and products, and putting an emphasis on customer care.

At the conference, Cellcard Chief Executive Officer Ian Watson said the award reinforced that his team was well on track to deliver what was promised.

“We have gone from 200 4G sites in 2016 to 2000 sites now on air, and we expect to further expand to 3000 sites by the end of the year,” Mr Watson said.

“Our network progress puts us in a very strong position to commence 5G trials as soon as December.”

Mr Watson hinted that more network accolades would follow in the coming weeks, which would further reinforce the network achievement as well as confirm that Cellcard was serious about its brand promise to be the Proudly Khmer Innovation Leader with the Best Network and Best Value Offers.

Smart Axiata is “The Cambodia Best 4G LTE Provider” 

Smart customers deemed that Smart has the best 4G services, while also providing the most affordable mobile access and additional services. 37 percent of the 12,150 interviewees chose Smart as their preferred 4G service provider.

From other aspects of the detailed survey, it can be concluded that Smart’s 4G services lead the other operators in terms of coverage, quality and speed. Smart continues to be the leading mobile provider in Cambodia due to its data leadership and first-mover implementation of 4G technologies, coupled with a wide range of value added and digital services. Smart’s evident investment record into its Cambodian networks is proven through this best 4G LTE Service Provider Award 2017 as determined by 12,500 IDG survey participants.

At least this is what Thomas Hundt, CEO of Smart Axiata, believes. According to him, Smart is the only company in Cambodia that facilitates the fastest mobile data available as of now, while providing innovative content for its customers too.

“[4G] technology is capable of using all the fragmented frequencies that are around. 4G is compatible with wave lengths of 700 or 800 megahertz and goes as high as 3,500 megahertz,” said Hundt.

The 2016 Speedtest Award by Ookla is the latest of a string of awards received by Smart.

Ezecom is “The Cambodia Best ISP for Business” 

Ezecom has dominated enterprise sector with more than 50 percent of enterprises users. Internet speed is one of main factor that make Ezecom becoming the leading internet service for enterprise in Cambodia. Besides, Ezecom also focus on customer services which make their customers more stratified.

Metfone is “The best Internet Service Provider for Home

There is more than 35 percent of household users in Cambodia who have been using Metfone’s services. Almost customers satisfied with services fee that they have been paid. Moreover, their service work stable. Last but not least, customer service is the key factor makes the success of Metfone in internet sector.